Supermarket 101 / August 08 2018

Picking Like a Pro

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We’ve got something really helpful in store for you, the next time you find yourself in a store.

Knowing what products you want is only part of the supermarket shopping equation. Picking the best of what’s there really matters. It’s a bit tricky, but it pays to be picky!

Here are some tips and hacks to make you a picking pro. 

FISH : Choose a happy fish! 

FISH : Choose a happy fish! 

When choosing fish always keep in mind some details: the smell, the eyes, and the scales. By “happy fish” we mean smelling somewhat pleasant like the ocean; the scales look bright and have shiny, bright, full eyes. Make sure the fish is intact, not broken or flakey.

MEAT: Colorful and neat

MEAT: Colorful and neat

Fresh meat should have vibrant and eye catching color, even if the actual color may vary depending on the kind of meat. Also take note of the texture of the meat. If it’s fibers are broken, this can be an indication of poor quality or poor handling. 

FRUITS & VEGETABLES: Right and ripe!

FRUITS & VEGETABLES: Right and ripe!FRUITS & VEGETABLES: Right and ripe!

When looking for good fruits and vegetables, be on the lookout for fragrance, weight, color, and firmness. Good produce smells good, is relatively heavy, brightly colored and has just the right amount of firmness. Too firm usually means that it’s not yet ripe. 

CANNED AND PACKAGED GOODS: Check before check out.

CANNED AND PACKAGED GOODS: Check before check out.

First be mindful of their expiration date. Then observe the physical appearance. Dents, tears, puffiness and bloating can mean mishandled or contaminated merchandise. 

Knowing what to look for will be a really helpful filter that assures you get the better of your goods. We hope you learned a thing or two from us! We’ll see you really soon, Prime Moms!