Meal Nutrition July 07 2018

Kitchen Creativity: 5 Hacks to Keeping Meals Interesting

Hello Prime Moms! How’s everyone’s day going? We’d love to hear your tips and ideas on being a super mom, so keep those comments coming!

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Preparing meals for the family can become repetitive and routine at times . It’s important to try new things and keep things interesting so meals will always be enjoyable experiences.

Don’t worry Prime Mom. We’ve got your back! Aside from the recipes that we have at the, here are some tips and reminders that can help you be the flexible, savvy chef of your family.

Mix it up

Try to include variety.  There is a world of cuisines to choose from on top of our own: Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish, American and more. You can schedule cuisines throughout the month and even do fusion cooking styles from what you’ve learned to make meals even more interesting.

Kid’s day

Kid's Day

Include your kids in choosing recipes. Give them a day when they can pick the meal that they want a.k.a  “cheat days” ( everybody deserves them, hehe). Make sure, though, that they know the value of nutrition in the things that they eat.

One idea is suggesting a healthy alternative for the things that they like such as whole wheat crust pizza or lettuce tacos.

Exchange Ideas with Other Moms

Exchange Ideas with Other Moms

Borrow recipes and hacks from your fellow moms. As they say, many heads are better than one. Make it also an opportunity to connect! Do it during a coffee session or a salon date to make it even more fun!

Explore Pop-Up Markets and Specialty Shops

Explore Pop-Up Markets and Specialty Shops

Get inspiration from pop-up markets or specialty shops. Ingredients you’ve wanted to try might be waiting for you there. Also, there might be interesting, rare-to-find, ingredients that you can use to spice up your current recipes.

Experiment in the Kitchen

Experiment in the Kitchen

Let those creative juices flow and add your personal twist to classic dishes you’ve done. Take everything you’ve learned and discovered and see if you can mash it up with a regular meal. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s often the best way to learn!

Do you have any other ideas on how to keep the meal plan interesting? Feel free to share it with us. We’ll see you really soon, only here at